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It’s time to get excited about Ethiopia, and right now it’s all about this coffee from Agaro Gera. We are dealing with an area in Ethiopia, Jimma, that may have been where coffee first started to grow. Though the history is extensive, the last ten years have transformed the idea of what coffees from this area can taste like. The coffee separation that takes place now is absolutely impressive and isolates different glimpses of potential flavors from this area. This has not always been the case. In the past, which is a common story with all growing regions, these coffees had subpar processing and were bulked together to form a low grade commodity that was completely undervalued. Once USAID’s Technoserve project, which focused on improving African coffee farmers’ lives by helping them get better prices for their coffee, established several washing stations, you could start to see the unique character of these coffees. Red Fox Coffee Merchants have been deeply connected to this area and have been invested in developing relationships with their producers, which has grown stronger to this day. There are several washing stations that fall under the umbrella of the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, whose leadership makes this coffee possible. These coffees are special, and you need to try them. Red Fox worked together with Asnake and Efrem, Kata Muduga’s leadership, for ten years now, which affords them first right to lot selection.

This is an especially exciting year for Nano Challa and it’s new sibling mill, Nano Genji. The members of Nano Challa have historically produced one of the most, if not the most, coveted coffees in all of Western Ethiopia. Doing such a great job with production & process has lead to receiving tremendous premiums, swelling membership to a level that pushed their capacity as far as it could go. This year, they opened a new facility a few miles away with brand new Penagos equipment along with dozens of drying beds to accommodate their growing membership. 

While these coffees all hail from the same region, the Agaro portfolio offers an incredibly diverse array of flavors. At their most iconic, Nano Challa brings an intense, lively sweetness like candied ginger and a sparkling, champagne-like finish. They're sublimely sweet though ethereal in texture with slightly gingery/spicey flavor while finishing resinous-ly piney in the the most subtle, refreshing way. This Lot from Nano Challa presents grape candy and a lilac aroma to entice you into brewing. Lemon Meringue, passion fruit and tart raspberry glows through a melon or honey texture into a buttery gingersnap finish. A refreshing delight is this Arago Gera.

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Agaro Gera Ethiopia

Union - Kata Muduga Cooperative

Washing Station - Nano Challa

Region - Jimma

Varietals - Native Selection

Elevation - 2100 masl

Experience - 75 and Sunny



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