ICEBEAR has the comforts of free floating in the middle of a lake and the delights of riding horseback through the mountainside at sunset. This seasonal espresso blend is for my friend, Ernst Schaefer, and the dedicated espresso fanatics out there looking for something substantial to become a part of their everyday. With the right amount of development, ICEBEAR delights through a Faema E61 and welcomes you to enjoy in an array of brewing options. The goal is to produce a roast that's works well under the intensity of the espresso extraction. This coffee is intensely sweet and round at this roast level. Acidity is sculpted with a longer developed roast, with the intention to manage the brightness and provide structure and body for the sweetness to jump from when brewing an espresso. Sturdy and sweet, balanced and refined, your morning routine will soon be complete as ICEBEAR makes each day damn fine.

ICEBEAR enters new territory this year as the season has presented an amazing opportunity. San Mateo Piñas and San Pedro Yosotatu are two different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico and will make up this version of ICEBEAR. Breaking free from the idea that this is a single origin espresso, this is an example of the diversity and range of flavor that is within a single country, a single region or even neighboring villages. These two lots offer different aspects of texture and flavor that together meld into a phenomenal espresso. The deeper I get into the world of coffee in Mexico, the more excited I get. San Mateo Piñas is a village in the Pluma Hidalgo, a subregion of Oaxaca that brings with it an incredible history along with incredible coffees. Boasting the singular Pluma Hidalgo variety, an offshoot of Typica, at an elevation of 1700 masl, Pluma coffees bring with them a range of flavors unique to this varietal and location. San Pedro Yosotatu is planted with thriving Typica and Bourbon varietals providing sweetness, complexity and structure. Over the last few decades, Mexico’s coffee production has evolved dramatically, shifting from the hands of large estates into the hands of local smallholder farmers. Nowadays, Oaxaca is almost exclusively a region of smallholders with farms averaging just 1-3 hectares at elevations upwards of 2200 masl. Being able to get these coffees introduced to groups of buyers willing and ready to purchase them at a viable price has started to build trust in this region and reinvigorate local farmers, who are beginning to understand that their coffee is worth more than they’ve always been told. They are ready to be able to dictate their own futures and gain access to new pathways to finance and reinvest in their own success.

ICEBEAR brings together two areas of the mountains of Oaxaca, to speak as one. This espresso resonates sweetness that echoes long into the aftertaste. The syrupy sweetness of apricot paste and amber honey highlight an espresso that falls into a ritualistic pool of Aztec sipping chocolate, toasted almond and cinnamon. As ICEBEAR continues to unfold, the beauty of Oaxaca begins to be told. ICEBEAR, you Shamanistic animal, see you in the morning.

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Region - Mixteca & Costa Sierra Sur, Mexico

Village - San Pedro Yosotatu, San Mateo Piñas

Varietal - Typica, Bourbon, Pluma Hidalgo

Elevation - 1500-1900 masl

Experience - Fiesta de la Sierra Madre



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