ICEBEAR has the comforts of relaxing on a sunny beach and the delights of feeling the mist from waterfall. This seasonal blend is for my friend, Ernst Schaefer, and the dedicated espresso fanatics out there looking for something substantial to become a part of their everyday. With the right amount of development, ICEBEAR delights through a Faema E61 and welcomes you to enjoy in an array of brewing options. The goal is to produce a roast that's works well under the intensity of the espresso extraction. This coffee is intensely sweet and round at this roast level. Acidity is sculpted with a more developed roast, with the intention to manage the brightness and provide structure and body for the sweetness to jump from when brewing an espresso. Sturdy and sweet, balanced and refined, your morning routine will soon be complete as ICEBEAR makes each day divine.

From the longest lasting relationship, to one of the the newest, ICEBEAR blends dedication and innovation with the richness of opportunity, community commitment, and desire for improvement. Asorcafe Producers’ Association of Inzá formed in 2004 to provide support to farmers who were tired of selling their coffee to parchment buyers who only offered prices below the national market. Today, 12 years into working together with RedFox, Asorcafé exudes an entrepreneurial spirit as they have become leaders of their coffee growing region. Franklin Guerrero, Founder of Cafe Amoju, wanted to organize his neighbors and friends into their own group rather than continuing to deliver their fruit to intermediaries. Established September 22nd 2016, Café Amoju (Cooperativa Agraria y Servicios Multiples Café Amoju) supports over 340 members, and 21% of whom are women. The co-op provides technical assistance, training, certifications, awards and financing to all their members. From dedicated personnel and farmers, to the charismatic influences of the Cooperative support, these group’s strive for quality has been inspirational to us all.

ICEBEAR brings together two areas of the Andes mountain range, Southern Colombia and Northern Peru. This espresso resinates sweetness that echoes long into the aftertaste. The syrupy sweetness of mango and raspberry preserves highlight an espresso that falls into toasted almond, toffee, gingersnaps, and chocolate are some of the flavors you might find as ICEBEAR continues to unfold in your espresso cup. ICEBEAR, you might be my spirit animal. See you in the morning.

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Origins - Colombia, Peru

Region - Inza, Jaen

Varietal - Caturra, Castillo, Pache, Catuai

Elevation - 1700-1900 masl

Experience - Strange Paradisiacal Dreamscape



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