Harsu Haro, Ethiopia


The birthplace of it all is being reborn in a new region of extreme elevation and opportunities. At some of Ethiopia’s most extreme altitudes is Guji’s Uraga region, a dense, mountainous forest that spans almost a thousand miles. Within this huge forest lie three smaller forests, and from these three forests—Yabitu Koba, Larcho Torka, and Harsu Haro—come some of the most extraordinary and sought-after coffees available. Despite the incredible quality found in Guji Uraga, you couldn’t have found these coffees on the market ten years ago—at least, not as Guji. Back then, Guji coffees lived under the Sidamo subhead, and the stellar coffees of Guji Uraga were trucked across the border into Yirgacheffe, where they could find a slightly higher price due to better name recognition. In 2010, Aleco, from Red Fox, tasted these coffees and recognized that they were unique, second to none, and worthy of differentiation. Now, eight years later, the three forests themselves and the distinct coffees within them deserve their own differentiation.

Towards Northeast Uraga lies the smaller Bire forest, a newer producing area where the coffee trees are young, only four to six years old. High up in the mountains at 2300 masl lies the Harsu Haro washing station, with its absolutely meticulous processing putting its signature on these coffees: first, they pass through McKinnon depulpers, then move into washing channels where they lose the rest of their mucilage. They move into soaking tanks for another 12 hours overnight, and in the morning, they’re laid on drying beds for eight to ten days. The next step moves into the warehouse to rest for a week after drying to condition and stabilize. After that, the washing station teams hand-sort through the parchment, selecting only the cleanest coffee. Because of their incredible potential, consistently realized through meticulous processing, this coffee not only comes in sparkling, but will continue to bloom and get even better over the coming months.  In coffee, there are two ways to do business: produce the most coffee, or produce the best, and Harsu Haro produces the best. This coffee will be gone before you know it, so let’s enjoy it while it’s here.

An ancient land producing a coffee of exquisite quality as though it was meant to do so. Harsu Haro offers the delicate aromatics of meyer lemon, lilacs and vanilla to entice you to taste what is to come. Upon first sip, you are met with a sweetness of raspberry and currants being lifted by the ripe, balanced acidity of clementine and yellow peach. This sweetness will ring throughout the cup, but will be joined by orange blossom and creme brule. The transition of flavor for this coffee is outstanding and continues to unfold until the very end. Ethiopia, you’ve done it again.


Harsu Haro, Ethiopia

Zone - Guji

Wordea - Uraga

Kebele - Harsu Haro

Varietal - Native Selection

Elevation - 2000-2200 masl

Experience - A child’s playful joy



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