ICEBEAR has the comforts of returning to your dog after a hard day at work and the delight of the sunrise on a cold winter's day. This seasonal blend is for my dear friend, Ernst Schaefer, and the dedicated others out there looking for something substantial to become a part of their everyday. With the right amount of development, ICEBEAR delights through a Faema E61 and welcomes you to enjoy in an array of brewing options. The goal is to produce a roast that's works well under the intensity of the espresso extraction. This coffee is intensely sweet and round at this roast level. Acidity is sculpted with a more developed roast, with the intention to manage the brightness and provide structure and body for the sweetness to jump from when brewing an espresso. ICEBEAR, you might be my spirit animal. See you in the morning.

ICEBEAR brings together bourbon varietals from both Nicaragua and Guatemala, with a splash of typica and caturra from the latter. Bourbon gives us structure and depth as well as endless sweetness. Caturra laces to body with a buttery, cream candy layer. Typica splashes us with subtle florals and honey, accentuating both fruit and chocolate. This espresso rings the bell of sweetness that echoes long into the aftertaste. Black cherry, plum, apple blossom honey, butterscotch, and cocoa are some of the flavors you might find as ICEBEAR continues to unfold in your espresso cup. Sturdy and sweet, balanced and refined, your morning routine will soon be complete as ICEBEAR makes each day divine.