Coffee Roaster


Stephen Rogers has been working in the coffee industry for the past twenty years. From barista to café manager, production to roasting, antique roaster rebuilds and installations to teaching, he continues to learn how coffee is altered by human and environmental impact. With the opportunity to roast coffees selected by Geoff Watts and Aleco Chigonios for years, Stephen learned how beautiful coffee can be. He saw how a Roaster can develop flavors that show the individuality of a coffee’s life. It is the interactive nature between creating the roasting environment and the fluidity of change that Mr. Rogers puts his focus, towards the artistic creation of flavors and the development of coffee.  

Stephen looks forward to journeying through the potential flavors of coffee with people who allow their Roaster to freely sculpt and craft a balanced and always intriguing array of flavors from a seasonally rotating supply of fresh green coffee. This does not lead to the same taste every week, but expands upon the adaptation of approach to articulate the subtleties while having the quality of craftsmanship be the desired consistency.