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We all want to drink a cup of coffee that tastes great. It's the challenge of the Roaster to accurately articulate each coffee for all brewing methods. Interaction with your coffee is the beginning of an endless pursuit for satisfaction held in the present cup. Pipe & Tabor Roasting enjoys interacting with each batch of coffee as it is being roasted, as you can when you brew. Incorporating a human element into these processes results in personal understanding and control of desired outcomes. Keep the variables as simple or as complex as you wish and enjoy the time and involvement you desire.


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Pipe & Tabor Roasting is one man's coffee roasting vision; selecting coffee beans, exploring the flavors possible through roasting, capturing a balanced expression of a moment in time, and delivering a coffee to savor in the comforts of your every day.

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Pipe & Tabor Roasting selects a seasonal supply of high quality arabica beans sourced by importers who urge farmers to produce the best coffee they can. This is accomplished through ripe cherry selection, clean and precise processing, even drying, and proper storage. We support the production of higher quality by paying higher premiums for the green coffee.

Enjoy a rotation of coffee curated to explore the world of flavor that is coffee and the art of roasting. Each Pipe & Tabor Roasting subscription plan includes one or two bags of our featured coffee or espresso delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to your door. 

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