Oaxaca, Mexico

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Climbing back to the mountaintops of Oaxaca, where the land meets the sky and the clouds erase the distinction of the two, we find a fertile land bursting with life and amazing people working with it. This is the second year I get the pleasure of roasting and sharing coffees from this area, and I couldn’t be more honored to do so. Let’s start by naming the five farmers that comprise this lot: Madelina Lopez, Inocenta Lopez, Clara Pilar Diaz Sarmiento, Jose Cenobio Lopez Castro, Amado Castro Lopez. Thank you for your dedication. Each farmer manages 1-2 hectares of Typica and Bourbon varietals at 1700-1900 masl. Harvesting by hand, depulping into a 20 hour dry fermentation, washing the beans clean and drying on Petate mats all happens at each small farm. The importance of good processing is well established in this region thanks to the strong community support and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The separation of coffee as it’s harvested is key to the isolation of quality. This could be by location, varietal, date or the different times you go through picking ripe cherries. It is providing an opportunity to find a higher quality amongst good coffee to pay premiums for such separation. The community of Yosotatu has embraced the challenge of isolating quality and everyone is reaping the benefits of the extra efforts it takes. To me, this is coffee worth paying extra for.

This fantastic coffee transports me to a different time and place. We are traveling the Silk Road and finally arrive to Persia. We are welcomed with saffron ice cream, orange blossom or rose water vermicelli and honey. As we relax, we snack on fresh apricot and green almonds with sweet cream. All of this dances with the depths of Persian Culture and transforms into the richness of toasted almond butter, the texture of apricot paste, the malic snap of a crisp apple and a refreshing taste of pomegranate and cinnamon. Now I know we are still in the hills of Oaxaca, but these flavors have been with us for centuries.

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San Pedro Yosotatu, Mexico

State - Oaxaca

Region - Mixteca

Village - San Pedro Yosotatu

Producers - Madelina Lopez, Inocenta Lopez, Clara Pilar Diaz Sarmiento, Jose Cenobio Lopez Castro, Amado Castro Lopez

Altitude - 1900 masl

Variety - Typica, Bourbon

Experience - Persian Delight.



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