When will your coffee be roasted?

Our roasting day Saturday. All orders placed before 6am (Eastern Time) Saturday will be roasted and packed Saturday and shipped the next business day.

All orders placed after 6:00am (Eastern Time) Saturday will be held until the next roasting day and shipped the following Monday.

Orders placed after 6am this Saturday and before 6am next Saturday will ship the following Monday.

What is your shipping policy?


All single purchases:

1-2 bags $6 shipping added

3-6 bags $12 shipping added


Shipping Methods – U.S. Postal Service

US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail estimates their package arrival 2 – 5 days after the item has been picked up. While not guaranteed, packages usually arrive to the west coast in three business days. US Postal Service does not guarantee shipping times so we cannot be responsible for delays in delivery. You should receive an email automatically with your tracking number for US Postal Service shipments—should you need a tracking number please email stephen@pipe-tabor-roasting.com.


We are not shipping internationally at this point.

If you want an international shipment, please email me for cost of shipping and we can process the order with a different shipping rate. Thanks for understanding.


What processing method are your coffees?

Pipe & Tabor Roasting sources fully washed coffees. We enjoy the world of flavor that the varietal, location, soil, and weather have on the possible flavors in a given coffee. We support the washing process in an effort to showcase the uniqueness of a particular coffee, place, and year. That's where the beauty lies.

How should I brew the coffee?

You should start with your normal approach to brewing coffee. Then you should change single variables to your routine to find out if you are missing out on something. Here are some quick and simple tips:

-make sure your water temperature is at least up to 200'F. I suggest reaching a boil then falling to the desired temperature

-a starting ratio is 16 parts water to 1 part coffee. the total amount of coffee used has a huge impact of overall profile. a little goes a long way.

-find your grind. find out what you coffee tastes like with a little more fine and a little less fine. You might get clarity from a muddy cup by increasing the particle size. You might find more texture and resonating flavors a little finer.

-play with all your variables one at a time and enjoy exploring the possibilities.     

What coffees come in the subscription?

You can choose espresso or drip. Espresso will keep a steady stream of ICEBEAR in your mornings. Drip will keep a rotating selection of all the single origin offerings. Both(two bag option) will send one rotating drip and one ICEBEAR. If you get a couple of the same thing in a row, email me and I'll be sure to switch it up. Spice of life. 


Is your coffee gluten free?

You betcha!

How do I order wholesale?

If you are interested in working together to get delicious coffee out to more people, please email stephen@pipe-tabor-roasting.com. 

Any other questions?

If you are curious about any coffee related topics and want to hear what I have to say about it, email me! stephen@pipe-tabor-roasting.com